Wednesday, April 6, 2016

National Walking Day and Golden Girls Dolls

National Walking Day

Walking in big cities is a given.  I remember moving to Chicago after undergrad and being so happy that I could walk to major locations in a relatively short time rather than spend lots of time in the car.  If I got tired or lost, there was always a bus, subway, or taxi nearby to take me home.  The lakefront offers miles and miles of beautiful walking trails right alongside the city.  It's also possible to find large residential sections where you can walk and see all sorts of homes, apartments, gardens, and yards.

Recently, Rogers Park was featured in an article by Business Insider listing the healthiest big-city neighborhoods.  Not surprisingly, the list was dominated by the West Coast.  Rogers Park was the only Chicago or Midwest neighborhood mentioned.  Much of the criteria centered around residential street density and amount of parks and other green spaces.  

As you can see in the above photo, I tend to wear my walking shoes to the point of destruction.  When I was ready to replace the blue pair, I had worn a hole in the bottom of the sole.  Now, I'm ready to replace the white pair . . . soles are very worn, but not full of holes yet.  I think I'll go with pink this year.

Golden Girls Dolls

Last Spring, a Facebook entry in one of the groups I follow featured crocheted Golden Girl dolls.  The pattern is adorable and so realistic.  I mentioned that I could crochet these for folks because the pattern designer allows for the sale of items produced by her patterns.  There was tons of interest . . . until I replied with pricing. I did sell the above set to a very nice guy who had them sent to a buddy in Canada for his birthday.

There's been some renewed interest in these dolls, so I'm including the pricing information here.  The dolls are custom made and can be purchased individually or as a complete set.  Individual dolls are $40 and the set is $160.  Shipping/handling is $5 for 1-2 dolls and $10 for 3-4 dolls in the US.  International shipping is based on location.

For those of you who are familiar with fiber arts, you can see how much time, skill, and detail go into each doll.  If you have not knitted/crocheted/embroidered/sewn, it may not be immediately apparent how well-priced these dolls are at this time.  They are truly little works of art that will bring a smile to anyone who receives or purchases them.

New Logo Banner!

Did you notice the new banner at the head of the blog?  I'm so pleased with it.  It's a fresh new look for the blog, my Etsy shop, and Facebook page.  The needlepoint design is an original by me, using yarn on plastic canvas.  I backed the sign with felt, so it's ready to display.