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I grew up in a small town in Missouri confusingly named California, where I was fortunate enough to live a few miles away from my maternal grandparents, who lived in an even smaller town named McGirk. Most holidays and special occasions were celebrated around my Grandma's dinner table, complete with very tasty Southern cooking (plus a surprise, mystery dish that could be hit or miss), the obligatory posed family/food picture, and special handmade table decorations for each holiday.  

These decorations were stored in shoeboxes in the guest bedroom closet and absolutely fascinated me. It was exciting when it was time to open up a shoebox and decide what decorations would be used from Grandma's stash. Even though it was tempting, I don't think I ever looked in a shoebox unless it was in preparation for decorating for a specific event. This is pretty remarkable, considering my sister and I were regular Friday overnight guests and slept in the guest bedroom after watching the Dukes of Hazzard, eating "doctored-up" frozen pizza that was cut with kitchen scissors, and drinking cold Pepsi stored on the back porch.


I believe that it's important and fun to celebrate holidays and special occasions with a touch of custom, reusable decorations. The offerings of this shop are designed to help others build their own stashes of shoebox holiday decorations and also offer small gift options. All of the items are hand-crafted and designed to be lightweight and easy to store and set up for the special occasion. I specialize in knitted, crocheted, and embroidered items made of high-quality, natural fibers such as cotton and wool. All designs are my own unless otherwise noted and reflect my interpretations of classic holiday/special occasion symbols. I also enjoy using traditional techniques to represent whimsical and kawaii themes and play with the miniaturization of all types of foods, flowers, and party accessories.  


In May 2014, I adopted Archie, an adorably funny shih tzu mix from PAWS Chicago. He's a constant companion as I work at Occasions by sonjabegonia and also the inspiration behind my lines of dog sweaters and pet accessories. He's also a cute reminder that each day should be celebrated and enjoyed, even cold snowy days that require several layers of clothing for a walk outside. 

I hope that you enjoy browsing my shop and getting to know more about me through my work. Please check back regularly to review new listings and see what's inspiring sonjabegonia. For additional information, follow the shop on Facebook at

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