Friday, January 15, 2016

National Hat Day and Strawberry Ice Cream Day

National Hat Day

Today, I wore my new Hello Kitty Hat in celebration of National Hat Day.  It wasn't as cold as usual, so I didn't wear it very long.

I wasn't always willing to wear hats, even though I was constantly told that keeping your head warm will make you warmer overall.  When it would get really cold, I would compromise with earmuffs.  Some years, a beret was acceptable.  A hooded jacket was pushing it.  Throughout school (including college) and into my 20's, my hair was more important than warmth.  This is what happens when you're a teen in the '80s.

These days, I will happily wear hats, hoods, and anything else that will keep me warm.  Amazingly, my hair doesn't look that different than when I fix it in the morning.  

My grandma had a very nice collection of hats and looked quite smart when she was dressed for winter or special occasions.  I also have an aunt that wears all sorts of hats and you can tell that they make her happy.  I only wear hats for warmth, so they are ones that have been knitted or crocheted by me for me.  I don't know if I'll ever venture into hats as fashion statements for year-round usage.

Strawberry Ice Cream Day

Strawberry ice cream continues to rank third in popularity, with vanilla and chocolate always at the top of the charts.  It's probably best known as betting the third stripe in neopolitan ice cream.  Remember how important it was to open the box up so that you could cut the ice cream in strips so everyone had an equal amount of each flavor?  

I did not have strawberry ice cream today to celebrate the flavor, but thinking about it makes me look forward to spring.  Just a few more months, right?

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