Saturday, January 23, 2016

National Pie Day

National Pie Day

Created by the American Pie Council in 1986, this is a day to celebrate pie.  Any excuse to have a piece of pie!

Pie was a common dessert for Sunday dinners and holidays when I was a child.  We were definitely more of a "pie family" than a "cake family."  My Great Aunt Mildred made the best cherry pie when her cherry trees produced the tart fruits.  At the holidays, there were always several kinds of pies to choose from, although they could not be served directly after dinner because the meal itself was so good.

For my 16th birthday, I chose to have banana cream pie rather than a cake to celebrate.  The English cream filling was so rich and decadent . . .and also makes perfect cream puffs.

Savory pies and quiches were not very common, but I've grown to really enjoy them too.  I often make quiche in various flavors since it's a good way to use up leftovers and have a dish that is suitable for any meal.  While I haven't experimented with chicken or turkey pot pies, I admit that Marie Callendar's pot pies are a guilty pleasure.

Pies are also a staple food in the diner scene.  My tea towel series of diner slang depicts numerous classic diner foods, including Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese . . . or Eve with a moldy lid.  This concept sounded absolutely dreadful to me as a child but now I can see the wisdom of topping the sweet pie with a sharp bite of cheddar. 

I also fun creating mini replicas of pie slices for my Etsy store.  I currently have three classic pies features in my store -- pumpkin , chocolate cream, and cherry -- and plan to design more in 2016.  I also have a goal to produce the pattern so fellow knitters can make their own mini pie slices.  

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