Monday, February 8, 2016

Chinese New Year and Peacocks

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!  This holiday moves around each year because it's date is based both on the Moon and the position of the Earth in relation to the Sun.  This year is the Year of the Monkey.  Unfortunately, it's not believed to be the luckiest of years in the Chinese calendar.

The UK Telegraph posted a very informative Chinese New Year's article this morning that is a great read.  I particularly enjoyed the list of Taboo things to do on this day.  It's a long list and each of us has probably broken the rules multiple times.  While I didn't do the laundry today, I did wash my hair, leave the house, and use both knives and scissors.


Today's work included starting on some crocheted peacock feathers that I'll make into a peacock tea cozy.  The feathers are quick crochets, especially when doing them assembly-line style.  When I work in multiples, I often use this method because it's easy to memorize the step in the pattern and repeat.  

Next up for this project will be crocheting the base of the cozy, and then designing a peacock head for the cozy top.  After that, I'll determine how many peacock feathers are needed to cover the cozy base and figure out any finishing details.

The standard peacock motif is a free pattern and can be found at Living the Craft Life.  

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