Saturday, February 20, 2016

Love Your Pet Day and National Cherry Pie Day

Love Your Pet Day

I'm learning that there are many pet-oriented holidays/celebrations.  All sorts of organizations start these themed days, so it's likely possible to have a "celebrate your pet in some fashion day" at least once a month.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Archie.  I had only had him for a few months, but already knew that he was a very sweet, agreeable dog.  He's a rescue dog, which means I don't know exactly what he is (shih tzu mixed with something that makes him a big little dog), how much training he had as a puppy, or why he was found wandering around the city.  He definitely had some training because he's very good around the house, doesn't have any accidents, and doesn't tear anything up when I'm gone.  He looks for permission to jump on the couch and is polite when he begs for food.  He loves all the neighbors and is obsessed with the little dog on the first floor.  He's a great companion for someone who works from home.

National Cherry Pie Day

Yum for cherry pie.  My Great Aunt Mildred made the best cherry pie, with a flaky crust and sour pie cherries.  No cherry pie filling for her!  

When I was making my miniature slices of cake and pie, I knew that cherry pie had to be one of my featured slices.  It was a fun experiment to determine which stitch to use to mimc the look of cherries and figure out how to mimic a lattice crust topping.  If you or someone you know need a non-edible, stuffed cherry pie slice, you can find one here.  

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